Monday 25 December 2023

Big Bash League Umpires Salaries | Per Match Fees (Revealed)

Big Bash League Umpires Salaries

Big Bash League which is well known as "KFC Big Bash League" due to it's sponsorship deal becomes one of the most watch T20 cricket league in the world after Indian Premier League. In 2011, the first edition of the BBL is introduced. Total eight teams that are part of the competition in the Big Bash League. The organizers of the BBL seasons, bring the best international and local umpires to the competition. GA Abood, Michael Graham-Smith and Sam Nogajski top names that are part of Big Bash League umpires panel.

How Much A Big Bash League Umpire Earn Per Match Salary?

Top UK media outlet reported that a big bash league umpire earn maximum AU $750 per match. Umpire with less expiernce or newly joined the umpires panel in Big Bash League earn AU $400 per match. Comparing umpires match fees with other cricket T20 leagues, Indian Premier League umpires highest paid who earn maximum revenue based on sponsorship deals.   

UmpiresBase SalarySponsorshipContracts
Gerard AboodAU $750AU $3k2023
Michael Graham-SmithAU $750AU $3k2023
Sam NogajskiAU $750AU $3k2023
Paul WilsonAU $750AU $3k2023
Phillip GillespieAU $750AU $3k2023
Greg DavidsonAU $750AU $3k2023
Donovan KochAU $750AU $3k2023
Simon LightbodyAU $750AU $3k2023
Bruce OxenfordAU $750AU $3k2023

Michael Graham-Smith, Gerard Abood, Paul Wilson, Phillip Gillespie and Sam Nogajski currently top umpires in the league they are active since 2011-2013. They become match umpires more than 80+ games and still hold contract deal with Big Bash League season 2023-24.

A source reported that, Umpires in Big Bash League earn more than AU $25k based on their experienced. Another media outlet reported data that umpire with most matches in Big bash League earn money upto AU $15k maximum. 

How Much Big Bash League Umpires Earn from Sponsorship Deals?

In 2020, Cricket Australia Partners with Unilever’s Rexona to Brand Umpires’ Armpits. Official details regarding to umpires sponsorship money not revealed. An estimated sponsorship money AU $3k will be provided to umpires for wearing Uniform with Rexona logo on their shirts. 

How Much Women Umpires Earn in Big Bash League?

Claire Polosak, Eloise Sheridan two most popular women umpires in Big Bash League. Both of them were active and part of the umpires panel in more than 30 matches in Women Big Bash League season. Official figures for women referees not reported, but estimated earnings women referee with expiernce in cricket, earn upto AU $500.

  • The selection of the new umpires for Big Bash League and Women's Big Bash League is from Development program.
  • Umpires panel with most number of matches in Big Bash League later selected for the playoff's and finals. 
If a new sponsorship deal or umpires salaries increased during the season or after the season 2024. The details will be updated here later.