Saturday 30 December 2023

NHL Winter Classic 2024 Prize Money | Players Pool Money (Revealed)

NHL Winter Classic Prize Money

The upcoming NHL Winter Classic event for year 2024 is announced. It will held on 1st January 2024 at  T-Mobile Park, Seattle Washington, United States. The match will be played between the team of the Vegas Golden Knights and Seattle Kraken. The defending champion of Stanley Cup hopeful to win the NHL Winter Classic match against Seattle Kraken.

How Much is NHL Winter Classic Prize Money?

There is no official prize money announced for the NHL Winter Classic. The players earn money for playing the in the NHL Winter Classic. A source back in year 2023, reported that winning team players awarded with players pool money $15k each and runner-up in the Winter classic awarded with $7.5k each.

Last year, NHL Winter Classic is success with almost 40k attendance and huge tv audience. This year once again big numbers are expected by the NHL Winter Classic organizers. T-Mobile Park in Seattle have capability of hosting more than 50k people at one time, how many ice hockey fans witness the NHL 2024 winter classic game live details provided on 1st January 2024.