Friday 29 December 2023

Dakar Rally Prize Money 2024 | How Much Riders & Drivers Earn?

Dakar Rally Prize Money

Dakar Rally upcoming race schedule is announced all stages confirmed for year 2024. The 46th edition of Dakar Rally will held in Saudi Arabia. The racing event will continue from 6 January 2024 and final stage will held on 19th January 2024. As per reports there are 12 stages announced for the Dakar Rally. Officially there is no prize money set for the riders and drivers for Dakar Rally. 

How Much Dakar Rally Prize Money?

Since there is no official announcement as prize money for the riders and drivers. A UK media outlet reported that some riders and drivers signed deals with companies and when they won the stage or wins the Dakar Rally earn big money upto $450k based on their contract terms with companies.

Motor bike riders earn $25k per stage win and earn maximum prize fund based on contract terms with companies upto $250k. ATV Quad Riders earn cash prize maximum $25k each stage win and maximum cash prize for winning Dakar Rally upto $300k.

Cars, UTV, Trucks drivers are one of the top earners in the Dakar Rally. The earn between $20k - $50k per stage win. The top drivers who wins the Dakar rally in category of Cars, UTV and Trucks earn cash prize money between $350k - $500k.

Dakar Rally is considered as one of the most expensive quest. You have to pay thousands of dollars before the race. A rider or driver needs maximum $500k to get entry to compete in the race. So when the top companies and brands signed deal with riders and drivers they paid them some of the money based on their position in the competition. Maximum money paid to the top winners and top three riders and drivers.

Few sources regarding to Dakar Rally claimed that a bike for Dakar Rally cost upto $50k without maintenance and parts. If parts and maintenance money added it will cost upto $150k to bike rider to compete in the Dakar Rally. For truck, car and utv drivers the budget increased maximum $750k which makes its one of the most expensive desert race. However if there are any changes made to the current Dakar Rally prize money details regarding to it provided here later.