Saturday 16 December 2023

United Cup 2024 Prize Money Breakdown Table (Revealed)

United Cup 2024 Prize Money Breakdown Table

The second edition of United Cup is announced. Tennis competition will began on 29 December and finals will be played on 7th January 2024. RAC Arena and Ken Rosewall Arena selected venue for this year's tournament. The organizers announced the prize money in AU $15m will be distributed among the players.

Total 18 teams that will compete in United Cup 2024. Top six countries based on ATP rankings and WTA rankings will be qualified for the competition in singles. The final six countries will qualify based on the combined ranking of their number one ranked ATP and WTA players.

How Much Particaption Fees for Number 1 Raking Players to 250+ Ranking Player?

StandingsPrize Money (ATP Singles)
1-10 Position$200k
11-20 Position$100k
21-30 Position$60k
31-50 Position$40k
51-100 Position$30k
101-250 Position$25k

How Much Individual Player Can win Maximum at United Cup 2024?

  • Top rank player in the competition in ATP and WTA earn maximum $800k+ based on prize money.
  • As per reports $200k guaranteed for each player ranked from 1st position to 10th Position
  • And any of them from ATP and WTA win's the singles there is extra prize money of $251k for winning single final included to account.
  • Earnings for the players can increased if singles winner win double competition alongside partner where $47.25k extra added to his overall earnings.