Saturday 23 December 2023

World Blitz Chess Championship 2023 Prize Money Breakdown Table (Revealed)

World Blitz Chess Championship 2023 Prize Money

World Blitz Chess Championship upcoming edition is announced it will take place in the last week of December 2023. As per reports the date of tournament reported 26 December and finals will be played on 28th December 2023. World Rapid and Blitz Championships at a joint tournament and held on the same dates. The organizers of the World Blitz Chess Championship announced the prize money of the event.

How Much is World Blitz Chess Championship 2023 Prize Money?

It's confirmed that $350k distributed among the men's players. The winner of the men's competition will received share of $60k while runner-up receive share of $50k. As per reports, the women's competition prize money compared to men's competition is less, total fund adjusted $150k and winner's share reported $40k.

StandingsMen’s Prize Money
Third Place$40k
Fourth Place$30k
Fifth Place$25k
Sixth Place$22k
Seventh Place$18k
Eighth Place$14k
Ninth Place$11k
Tenth Place$8k
11 – 16th Place$5k
17th – 25th Place$3k
26th – 35th Place$1.5k
  • In the above table you can see how the prize money among men players distributed, third place player in the competition received share $40k, fourth place player awarded with purse of $30k and fifth place player with $25k.
  • The prize fund of men's competition distributed from winners to 35th place in the competition, according to reported $1.5k is lowest prize money adjusted for the 26th position to 35th position holder in the World Blitz Chess Championship.
StandingsWomen’s Prize Money
3rd Place$20k
4th Place$15k
5th Place$10k
6th Place$7k
7th Place$6k
8th Place$5k
9th Place$4k
10th Place$3k
11th – 15th Place$2k

In the women's competition winners share reported $40k, runner-up in the competition take home $30k. The player who finished third in the competition take home guaranteed prize fund of $20k and $15k paid to the 4th place player in the competition. The prize fund paid from winner to 15th place in the competition. If any changes made to current World Blitz Chess Championship and World Rapid Chess Championship prize money details updated here later.