Tuesday 2 January 2024

Snooker MRQ Masters 2024 Prize Money | Players Pool (Revealed)

Snooker Masters 2024 Prize Money

The upcoming major snooker event is confirmed, the Masters will take place in January 2024. As per reports the first round of the event will be on 7th January 2024 and finals will be held on 14 January 2024. The organiser's of the competition announced the Snooker Masters prize money. 

How Much Is Snooker Masters Prize Money?

Since this year event is sponsored by the MRQ, the event is named as MRQ Masters 2024. The reports regarding MRQ Masters 2024 revealed that there will be guaranteed share of £725k which is distributed among the players. Total Snooker Masters prize money £725k and winners share reported £250k in 2024.

How Much Runner-up Earn in MRQ Masters 2024?

The runner-up in the snooker masters will earn guaranteed prize money £100k. The two players who got knocked-out in the semi finals will earn guaranteed share of £60k each. Four quarter finalists who lost their matches in the Masters, will take home £30k each. The eight players who got knocked-out in round of 16 will earn prize fund share £15k each.