Monday 11 March 2024

Ricky Ponting Net Worth

Ricky Ponting is a professional cricket, won most world cup as captain of Australian team. He is retired from the professional cricket however continue work in the field of cricket as coach. He currently hold contract deal with Delhi Capitals IPL team. Ponting is currently listed as highest paid cricket coach in Indian Premier League.

How Much Ricky Ponting Net Worth?

Based on Ricky Ponting cricket career and currently work as head coach, Ricky Ponting net worth reported to be $3.5m. He is currently earning $500k per year with Delhi Capitals contract deal which include bonus for winning IPL title. Further details regarding to Ricky Ponting will be updated here later if signed new deal with another T20 cricket franchise or signed deal with national team as head coach.
  • How Much Ricky Ponting Earn as head coach of Delhi Capitals In IPL?
  • The official details of IPL head coaches revealed back in year 2023, according to which Ricky Ponting Earn $425k a year, but under his coaching if team wins earn extra bonus which increase his earnings to $500k a year.