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The Undertaker Net Worth | Career Earnings | Salary

The Undertaker Net Worth

The Undertaker is a professional wrestler and currently active in WWE. He did not make regular appearances in the WWE, but make special appearances in Royal Rumble, King of the Ring, and Wrestle-Mania events. The Undertaker listed as one highest paid wwe wrestlers he earned more than $1m for few appearances in WWE.

How Much Is The Undertaker Net Worth?

Top money data reporting site revealed that, The Undertaker net worth reported to be $20m. Based on his contract deal with WWE, he makes more than $5m. In 1989, Undertaker made debut from WCW franchise rise to fame as top superstar in wrestling. In 1990 he joined the franchise WWF (World Wrestling Federation) which is well known as World Wrestling Entertainment. 

How Much Is The Undertaker Salary in WWE?
There are different figures claimed for Undertaker salary based on data, a site Sportrichlist revealed that Undertaker earn $1.5m during year 2007-2010. Later another US media outlet reported that, Undertaker earn $4.5m a year from 2011-14. After retirement in 2020, Undertaker dont take part as regular wwe wrestler, he make special appearance, sports media outlet Sportspayouts revealed he earned guaranteed share of $2.5m per main-event appearance. 
  • He won WWF/WWE Championship 4 times in his career
  • Three times he won World Heavyweight Championship title
  • He won WWF Hardcore Championship title
  • He set record by winning most WWE tag team titles in his career alongside Kane, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin.